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World Class Skate Parks

Tim Altic Alltec Skateparks Inc. (A.S.I.) is a proven leader in world class skate park planning, design and construction. A.S.I. is owned and operated by ex-professional skater Tim Altic, who has had world celebrity status as a skater since the late 70's and early 80's. Tim and his experienced team have designed and built skateparks in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. A.S.I specializes in working closely with you and your group or community in order to build skateparks that suits your needs.

Read the Inside Outside Article "Tim Altic, A Legend in His Own Time"

Recently Completed

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Tim Altic of A.S.I. was hired by Stretchmarks Asia as the design & build consultant for the first 'good' skatepark in the Malaysia. Tim lived in the capital city Kuala Lumpur and built the 23,000 square foot park in neighboring Shaw Alam. The skatepark is part of a larger extreme games park, and includes a mega BMX jump track and a huge cllimbing wall under a roof with three bouldering boulders around the climbing wall. Click here for more...

Recently Completed

Rifle Colorado

Rifle Colorado: Completed in the fall of 2006, this park was funded by the City of Rifle Colorado. A.S.I. worked with local contractors and Hardcore Shotcrete during the construction phase. Click here for a slideshow of this radical park.

Recently Completed

Great Falls Montana

Great Falls Montana: A massive 25,000 square foot skate park including bowls, banks and street. Alltec Skateparks was hired by Landmark Architects as the skate park designer for the park, which was funded by the City of Great Falls. A.S.I. is worked with local contractors and Grind Line during the construction phase, which is was completed in March, 2004. Click here for a slideshow of this enormous park.

Recently Completed

Park Unknown
Park Unknown: A.S.I. was hired to design and build this bowl on a private property in Colorado. Tim hired Hardcore Shotcrete to shoot and finish the 'butters'. The skating is sick and you can only taste it if you happen to know the lucky owners.

Our Portfolio
Great Falls
Great Falls, Montana
Ft. Collins
Ft. Collins, Colorado
Montrose, Colorado

Helena Montana
Helena, Montana
Gunnison, Colorado
Fossil Creek
Fossil Creek, Colorado

Mission Statement

Skating is a positive, energetic, and creative outlet that pushes personal boundaries and can assist in promoting healthy development of today's youth. It is the goal of A.S.I. to provide world-class skate parks for communities, where skaters of all levels can have a special space to grow. We strive to empower the youth by including them in the creation process, and it is our hope that they will continue to involve themselves in the community in positive ways. The parks that we design and build merge creativity, experience, and science. The end result is a skate park that will endlessly challenge and inspire skaters of all levels.


Alltec Skateparks Inc.
Tim Altic, Owner
To Contact Tim please:
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